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Container Stock

Fraxinus oxycarpa - "Raywood Ash" $90
Fast growing, tolerates heat, cold, alkaline soil. Compact, round-headed. Small, delicate leaves, lacy appearance. Purplish-red fall color. No seeds. 25-35 ft.

 Prunus Krauter Vesuvius (Purple Leaf Plum) $40 5g,  $90 15 g

Dark purple leaves, light pink blossoms, little or no fruit. Relatively small tree, 18 ft. high by 12 ft. wide. Favorite purple leaf plum for California. Foliage of newly planted trees sometimes greenish until vigorous growth begins, 30" trunk.

Roses - call for availability

Dolly Parton                          HT

Heirloom ( lavender)                HT

Iceberg  (white)                           FL

John F Kennedy (white)            HT

Olympiad (red)                         HT

Tropicana (orange)                    HT


About Face (golden orange) 
Julia Child (yellow)                     FL
Ketchup & Mustard (bicolor red/yellow)
Memorial Day (pink)
Silver Lining (lavender)
 Traviata (red)                            HT
Violet's Pride (lavender)

Roses (3) Landscape Shrub  (own root)

 Rainbow Happy Trails (red, yellow, pink) 

RoseTrees (4) 

24" Tree - 

 36" Tree 

Roses (5) Non-Patented Climber

Joseph Coat (multi color)

Roses (6) Patented Climber 

Arborose Quicksilver (lavender)

Container Shade Trees 5g $40, 15g $90 & up

Catalpa Sold Out
Chitalpa Sold Out
Crabapple - Royal Rain drops
Crape Myrtle
Gingko Biloba Fairmont
Flowering Pear


Cercis canadensis - Forest PansyCercis occidentalis - Western RedbudChitalpa Morning CloudChitalpa tash. Pink Dawn
Fraxinus ang. -Raywood AshMorus alba - Fruitless MulberryPopulus balsamifera - Cottonless CottonwoodPlatanus a. bloodgood - LondonPlane Sycamore
Prunus c. Krauter Vesuvius - Purple leaf PlumPyrus calleryana - Autumn Blaze - Flowering PearRobinia p. Purple Robe LocustCotinus c. -Cooke’s Purple Smoke Tree
Lilac - Syringa v. Katherine HavemeyerWisteria sinensis - Cooke's Purple Lilac - Syringa vulgaris Burgundy QueenLilac - Syringa v. President Lincoln
Lilac - Syringa v. SensationAlthea - MinervaAlthea - HeleneAlthea -Bluebird
Quince - Toyo NishikiQuince - Red flowering
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