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Shrubs and Trees Product descriptions

Roses - New for 2023!

Sunbelt Savannah Rose

very hardy and disease-resistant pink Hybrid Tea Rose with an extraordinary fragrance. This compact bush produces numerous single, very double blooms on an abundance of dark green foliage.…

Sunbelt Crazy Love Rose

Exciting four-inch, copper-yellow blooms are displayed on a robust, healthy shrub. Abundant foliage is glossy and dark green. This rose has a strong repeat bloom for season long enjoyment.…

Sunbelt Plum Perfect Rose

numerous, very intensely plum-colored, double flowers. The foliage is a healthy and shiny, medium green, and the variety performs well in heat and humidity.…

Top Cream Rose

extremely fragrant with notes of earthy pear. Its abundant petals are creamy-white with an occasional light pink blush. It exhibits excellent disease resistance and is a wonderful rose for cut floral arrangements.

Non-Patented Roses 

Abbaye de Cluny (apricot) HT

Chrysler Imperial (red) HT

Dolly Parton HT

Double Delight (red/white) HT

Fragrant Cloud (deep coral) HT

Fragrant Plum (lavender/purple)

Full Sail (white) HT

Gold Medal(pink/yellow) GR

Heirloom ( lavender) HT

Iceberg (white) FL

John F Kennedy (white) HT

Just Joey (apricot) HT

Mr. Lincoln (red) HT

Olympiad (red) HT

Oranges & Lemons (orange/yellow striped) SH

Peace (bicolor pink/yellow) HT

Perfume Delight (pink) HT

Scentimental (red/white striped) FL

Sheila's Perfume (yellow/pink) FL

Queen Elizabeth (pink) GR

Tropicana (orange) HT

Veranda Cream (apricot/pink) FL

Patented Roses -

Forever Amber (apricot) FL

Midnight Fire (orange purple) mini

Pop Art (pink/yellow stripe)

Sweet Madame Blue (lavender/blue)

All Dressed Up

Black Baccara (dark red) HT

Brick House (rust)

Chantilly Cream (cream) HT

Dee-Lish (deep pink) HT

Distant Drums

Easy Spirit (white)

Frida Kahlo (red striped with gold)

Fun in the Sun

Happy Go Luck (yellow)

Honey Dijon (warm golden brown)

Julia Child (yellow) FL

Ketchup & Mustard (bicolor red/yellow)

Koko Loco (milk chocolate to lavender)

Love Song (lavender)

Memorial Day (pink) HT

Michelangelo (yellow) HT

Miss Congeniality (white/pink)  GR

Moonlight romantica (light yellow)HT

Parfuma Bliss

Perfume Factory (purple/lavender) HT

Poseiden (lavender) FL

Princess Charlene de Monaco (pink)

Queen Mary 2 (white) HT

Stiletto (deep magenta/red) HT

Sugar Moon (white) HT

Traviata (red) HT

Violet's Pride (lavender) (5g container only)

Vavoom (orange) FL

Yves Piaget (deep pink) HT

Roses (3) Landscape Shrub (own root)

RoseTrees (4)

24" Tree - 

36" Tree

Roses (5) Non-Patented Climber

Roses (6) Patented Climber 

Container Shade Trees 5g , 15g 

Ash - Raywood

Birch - European White


Cedar deodor 

Cercis occidentalis


Cotinus coggyria

Crabapple - Royal Rain drops

Crape Myrtle, tree and multi trunk, various colors

Corky Elm

Cuppresus arizonica, leylandi, sempervirens

Gingko Biloba Fairmont

Golden Rain Tree

Purple Robe Locust

Pistache chinensis

Fruitless Mulberry - cut leaf

Flowering Pear

Magnolia DD Blanchard

Maytens boaria

Morus alba (fruitless Mulberry)

Olive - fruiting and non fruiting

Quercus agrifolia, ilex,  lobata, suber

Sequoia Aptos Blue

Schinus molle

Sycamore - CA native

Sycamore - London Plane

Ulmus Frontier

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